Pocket A-Z Road Map of Great Britain

Pocket A-Z Road Map of Great Britain 5.0

The complete A-Z guide of Great Britain


  • Great map of UK
  • 4,400 locations


  • Just the UK

Very good

There are many GPS-based pieces of software around now, each promising to get you home from any destination, but it's nice to see the old A-Z making something of a come back here in this full colour mobile version of everyone's favourite mini road atlas. Of course the downside is it only covers Great Britain and won't sync if you leave the country or tell you exactly where you are at any point in time. But if you need a simple to use and friendly road map you'll do well to find anything better.

The pocket A-Z also comes with a facility to save your favourite places, for when you want to revisit and quickly find directions, plus a marker tool that allows you to map locations and work out the distances between two points. There is a fully searchable 4,400 index of key places including cities, towns and airports but if you want to find anything less well known you'll have to search around yourself. For drivers this is a really useful application and will save unfolding those giant map pages screwed-up in the glovebox.

This publication has been designed for a Windows® Mobile-based Pocket PC (version 2002 or later) and The Pocket A-Z Viewer. Covering the same area as the Great Britain Mini Road atlas, this publication consists of coloured road mapping of Great Britain which shows motorways, primary routes and main roads. The fully searchable index of over 4,400 entries includes Towns and airports. Clicking an entry in the search results quickly displays a map showing its location.

Additional maps are also available covering other towns and cities throughout the UK. These can be installed along-side this publication and stored on compact flash cards to provide a useful library of maps which can be added and removed as required.

This product consists of the Pocket A-Z map of Great Britain ONLY. Please remember that you need to purchase the full Pocket A-Z Viewer for your Pocket PC to view Pocket A-Z Maps. The demo Viewer only opens demo maps.

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Pocket A-Z Road Map of Great Britain


Pocket A-Z Road Map of Great Britain 5.0

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